Friday, May 30, 2008

Wasn't as bad as I thought

So I started work again yesterday and today and I must say, it wasn't that bad. These past two months have been so great, not having to live by any schedule, and getting up whenever I want. But it was definitely time to start again since our bank account has been getting lower and lower. I had been dreading going back to work but the time really went by quickly. Plus, I got tomorrow off! YAY! Even though all that means is that I have to work on the house tomorrow. My goal is to paint the kitchen again and also finish the grout on the backsplash. We'll see how I actually do. Eric won't be here to motivate me (make me stop watching Friends), so maybe it will get done, maybe not.


  1. You're still able to work from home, right? I'd love to see pics of how far you've gotten on the house since Christmastime.

  2. The house looks soooo good! Well done. I'm impressed you get to wake up "whenever" with a baby. You've got the dream boy. So fun seeing you.


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