Sunday, June 8, 2008


Our computer crashed about a week ago. I personally think it was Eric's fault because he was working on the electrical stuff on our house and he turned off the main breaker so he wouldn't electrocute himself. But he forgot to turn off the computer first. Our mother board got fried and we lost a bunch of stuff. Luckily, all the pictures of William were already uploaded onto the internet so we still have those. The only pictures we lost were of the house, but we can take more. We ordered a new mother board, but until Eric installs it, I have to blog from the Jetblue computer, which means no pictures. As soon as that's in, I promise pictures of a completely refinished house!

PS I actually did paint the kitchen the other day like I said I would.

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  1. Did this happen after we talked about saving all pictures to a disc? Crazy! Sorry. PS Sorry I couldn't get to you on the numbers. I'll try tomorrow. Will you make me a copy of the song list? Thanks.


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