Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Explanation for no posts

The reason I haven't posted at all in the past two months is because I lost my memory card reader during our move and had no way to get my pictures on the website. I finally bought another one and I am working on catching up now, so make sure to look at a few of the old posts. I'll have more later, and I'll put pictures on of the house. Maybe tomorrow.

Also I moved my music player to right here at the top to make it easy for anyone who wants to stop the music, in case you don't like my choices. And for the record, these choices were really Eric's. Anyone who knows me would know that I would pick hip-hop songs but Eric didn't think that was appropriate for a family blog. Whatever.

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  1. wow, it was worth the wait. Becca the page looks great! i thought i was looking at a baby gap ad; it's so professional :)


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