Sunday, November 30, 2008

Will can crawl!

William started crawling last night! And it was not yet the last day of the month, so that means he was officially seven months old when he learned how. I am posting a couple videos I got of him, but he really can crawl a lot better than the videos show. He was all over the place last night and today, he can already stay up on his knees most of the time.

These videos are not the greatest because I was using a different camera (on mine the memory is full) and also grandma kept picking him up every time he whimpered. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Last Day

Our little mouse boy was so happy here.

I made Brianne go on Splash Mountain with me by telling her I would go on Space Mountain with her. She hated it, but I thought it was great. I rode it three times! To get the full effect of the picture, zoom in on her face.

Ariel was my favorite princess when I was little.
We tried to go on the Toy Story ride again too, but the line was like 90 mintues long, so we skipped it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Other part of Third Day

After the Animal Kingdom closed, we went to Epcot because it is open later. I loved seeing all the different countries costumes, buildings, and food. We were there at the perfect time to see the different shows the countries put on. One of my favorite shows was the Japanese drummers.

We also stayed for the show at night because we saw a ton of people walking in right before the show started, and we figured if people come just for the show, then it might be worth it. This was the only nighttime show we saw, but it was really cool.

We decided that we needed to stay and extra day in Disney, so after this, we got a really cheap hotel so we could come back for part of the next day. We are going to go back to the Magic Kingsom to meet Ariel and for Pirates of the Caribbean since it was closed before, and also go back to our all time favorite ride in Hollywood Studios from Toy Story.

Third Day at Disney

Today we went to the Animal Kingdom for the first part of the day. This park was beautiful. The rides we loved were the rapids, and Eric went on the Everest roller coaster twice. We also had to go on the Safari because everybody says it's the best ride, and it was pretty awesome. Some of the pictures we got were amazing. I wish we had more time to spend in this park, because I could have easily spent a few days here.

The famous animal tree

We met Flik at the entrance.

That is Mount Everest behind us.

With Lilo and Stitch

Waiting for the 3D bug show to start- which was SO good!

These next pictures are all from the Safari and they are all real animals!

On these next ones, Eric was practicing his artistic picture taking skills. They turned out pretty well.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Second Day of Disney

This was the day we went to the Magic Kingdom. William and I got a lot of autographs for our book and lots of pictures too. I loved meeting the princesses. Our favorite rides were Peter Pan's Flight, Splash Mountain, and The Haunted Mansion. We didn't get to do every ride, so we are going to have to come back here again later.

Cinderella's Castle

Prince William and the sword in the stone

Brianne was in love with Peter Pan.

With Captain Hook and Smee

Aladdin and Princess Jasmine

I love the look on William's face in this one.

This Captain Jack was really good.

Princess Aurora playing peekaboo

William loved Belle.

With Cinderella

We waited forever in lone to meet Mickey and Minnie.

William eating Minnie's nose.

Alice and the Mad Hatter.

Monday, November 10, 2008

First Day of Disney

The first day, since it was a sunday, we thought we would go to a park that we didn't think would be that busy. We loved Holloywood Studios. There were a lot more rides than I expected that William could go on. The whole atmosphere was so cool too because it was all art-deco. I think we will have to come back to this park.

The Block Party
Bone Cages from Pirates of the Caribbean 2

Meeting Mike Wazowski

William loved Buzz Lightyear

This picture looks like mine and Prince Caspian's love child

Friday, November 7, 2008

Catch-up pictures

Eric's pumpkin got eaten by a praying mantis. That's why there's a hole in the tooth.
High Kick
Ninja Boy

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Travel Update

Ok I guess I should post since it's been a while. We did end up dressing William up kinda but I don't have the pictures yet because I am me and that means I've lost my cable thing again. Sorry! We are super excited to be going to Florida in two days for our anniversary slash my sister's wedding. We're going to Disneyworld while we are there, the first time for all of us. And tomorrow, we are off to St. George because Eric is going for work and we are tagging along. As soon as I find my camera cable, I will have pictures again and there will be no more of these boring words only posts (for a while).
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