Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas

This is the outfit Shana got William for his first Christmas. It is so cute and from my new favorite store- Janie and Jack!

William on his new rocking horse- still a little too big.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Nutcracker

Eric and I had recently gone to a shoe store that was closing and bought ourselves some new fancy shoes at clearance prices I bought this one pair of shoes that is so pretty and so fancy that I didn't know where I was going to wear them, but I HAD to have them. Then a few days later, Eric surprised me with tickets to the Nutcracker a couple days before christmas. It was so beautiful! I hadn't been to the ballet in a long time and I loved every minute of it. Ballet West was really good. I knew Eric really wasn't that interested in the ballet (and he even fell asleep for a minute during the second act), but he wanted me to be able to wear my fancy shoes. He is so sweet sometimes.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My new favorite picture

Saturday, December 20, 2008

This post is long overdue

When we went to Florida last month, it was not to go to Disneyworld. That was just a bonus. We were there because my oldest sister Shana got married. I haven't posted any of the pictures yet, so that's what I'm doing now. Also, check out the photographers website for the best pictures.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Photoshop Experiment

Eric says he can't tell the difference between my fixed pictures and the old versions, so I am posting them here so you guys can see whether you agree with me and think they are great, or if you agree with Eric and think it's a waste of time.

I Love Jetblue!

Eric, William and I are in the airport today on our way back from North Carolina. We came out for the weekend just because we can. Also, we made sure to talk to the airport staff at RDU to ask if they knew about any openings coming up, because I would love to transfer when we move.

It was actually the perfect weekend to come because the ward in Raleigh was having their Christmas party, so we got to see everyone there. It was so fun to see my old friends (and my friends parents)! I also got to see Sarah for a couple hours before she was off to the beach. One of the best parts about this trip is tht my dad gave me his old version of Photoshop, so I have been playing with that a ton. I'm so exited to be able to jazz up my pictures!

We flew through New York which means I got to see the new Jetblue terminal I always have to talk about on the phone, and it is pretty nice. I wish it had a few more stores for this long layover, but it does have free Wi-fi, so that's good at least.
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