Saturday, December 24, 2011

Waiting for Santa

New Christmas jammies!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Visting Santa

This was our first year visiting Santa Claus. We went to the Dickens Festival in Salt Lake to see this one. I'll let the picture speak for itself about how they behaved.

William asked Santa for a Spiderman toy, an airplane, and a motorcycle. Then later he wanted a trampoline too, so we had to write Santa a letter for that one. Luke did not talk.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Luke Sayings

Here are Luke's sayings from the past long time! Some of these older ones he doesn't do as much any more.

Luke will sit on your lap every time you are on the ground with a lap free. He is very lovey when he wants to be. With Luke, he has to be in the mood for everything.

He always falls asleep sideways on his pillow.

He loves books. Every night when I peek at them in bed after work, Luke is holding a couple books asleep.

Luke gets easily frustrated when things don't go his way. One time he was trying to put a box on his head, and it was slightly too small. He was so mad and was trying so hard. Finally he broke the seam on one side and it fit on his head, and he was happy. He wore that box the rest of the night. Which I just realized, I already blogged about here.

He loves to play in anything that makes a giant mess: sandbox, dirt, ashes from the fire pit, big bag of flour in the pantry... He thinks the flour is snow.

He is always sneaking, thinking of what he can do next that would be bad. He get this really mischievous look too, so you know it's coming.

Luke calls Eric "Home". Eric's theory is that whenever Eric came home from work, he would say, "Dad is home!" and that is like saying "Dad is Batman!". Luke knows who Dad is, he just thinks his name is Home.

He is a really good talker for how young he is. And he is pretty small for his age, so he looks like a tiny smarty-pants. Some of the really funny things he says all the time are "whatcha doin", "open mine", me (at the end of everything, like "see it me", "stinky me"), and "what you think you are doing?"

He can't pronounce the "th" sound, and so words like "teeth" and "bath" sound like "teeps" and "baps". And "kiss" sounds like "kips", but I'm not sure why on that one.

One time, he was mad at me for something (don't remember what), and he went and told Eric, "Mom did this to me."

He repeats everything you say, so sometimes it's hard to tell if he even knows what he is talking about.

He talks in complete sentences, like if you ask him, "What's your name?" he will say, "Name, Luke".

He is OBSESSED with candy! I think he whole life revolves around how he can get more candy. His favorite is "emmsemms". He's pretty sneaky about it too.

He can be bossy. If he doesn't like what you are wearing, he will tell you, "Take that off!", or he will tell you "Stop that!" of you are doing something he doesn't like. He always says it with a goofy smile, so it doesn't sound mean.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

William Sayings

This is gonna be a long post! Some of these things are from a long time ago and I can't remember the context but they are still funny.

"My legs hurt. Your legs don't hurt. You're fine."

Talking to me, "You are my first girl in the world, and Luke is our first baby."

He usually wakes me up in the morning by putting my glasses on my face, or getting right up in my face and yelling, "Mom, wake up!". The other day, I guess I wasn't being fast enough, so he told me he had a surprise for me downstairs and wanted me to hold his hand and come downstairs.

One time when Eric was going out of town, he told Wills, "Take care of mom," and William said, "But she's too heavy."

Sometimes he calls Luke, "Louie-poo," and sometimes it comes out as two different names. Like when he calls for Luke, he says, "Louie! Poo!"

He likes to give presents, wrapped in a blanket. The presents are usually a Woody Toy, and they are not really for you.

We watch shows on Netflix, and recently we had this conversation:
Me: "What's my show?"
Will: "Earl."
Me: "Yep, My Name Is Earl."
Will: "No, your name is Becca Coles."

Eric works with a guy named Earl, and Will did NOT want to accept that his name is Earl.

If you ask Will what Eric's show is, he will tell you either that it's "the killing show," or "Jack Power." It's 24.

Wills told me, "Your hair is lovely," and sometimes (mostly right after we got Tangled), he would stand at the bottom of our stairs and call to me, "Punzel, let yours hair down!"

Instead of the word "behind," he says "hind by". Instead of the word "together," he says "forgether". I haven't corrected him on these things because I think they're so funny.

He uses the word "our" instead of "we", but it sound more like "are". So it sounds like he says, "Are going to the store".

One when I was looking at blogs, he said about one of the pictures, "That's the beautifulest house ever I saw."

Once when he went with me to the mailbox, he said, "What's in the mail? A hundred dollars probly?" and sometimes he tells me he has a hundred dollars in his pocket. I think it's the only dollar amount he knows.

He is getting really good a riding his scooter and his bike. When Eric is out of town, he always tells me he wants to "go ride the scooter and go get dad from the airport".

Will is very artistic. He loves to color, draw, cut paper, paint play with playdough, anything to create. His pictures are actually looking like real pictures now. Recently he has drawn boys wearing mickey hats, a tree, a giraffe, Spiderman, and my favorite, a wii remote.

He also loves to sing and make up songs. His most recent song he made up goes, "Up and down and up and down, just like a W!" ( I know that's upside down. I am trying to get him to rewrite the song.)

He loves to play computer games. He knows how to open the paint program all by himself and he used to paint all the time. Recently he figured out how to open Angry Birds and Netflix all by himself, and that is no good. He wants to be on the computer ALL THE TIME.

When we watch his shows, (anything with a superhero), he always asks me, "what's this one gonna be?" because he thinks I have seen them all and wants to know what's coming.

Once when he was in the bathroom and I was out in the hall, he told me, "Mommy? I'm trying to go potty. You are too loud. You have to be quiet." Pause- "That's better."

This last one, I had no idea what he was talking about. He went on and on about this: "I had playdough soup at grandmas house. It has cookies. Cookies and frosting. I love playdough cookie soup that grandma makes. The playdough was just water." That last part was said like he was just explaining that he was pretending.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Peanut Butter Thief

Wills and I were just looking at these old pictures from September.
I asked him what he was doing and he said he "was being a good reacher."
I told his he was being a peanut butter thief and I was going to put him in peanut butter jail and he said he wouldn't fit in there.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cute Brothers

The boys love to cuddle together when they watch movies. I think it's so cute!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Countdown to Christmas

I had this Christmas advent that I spent forever making this year so we would have a fun way to keep up with the days til Christmas, but I sold them all. So I will have to make more next year.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Say Cheese!

The title of this post is because every time Luke is in front of a camera recently, he makes this face and he says, "Say Cheese!" instead of just "Cheese!". He does that with "please" also. Anytime he wants something he says, "Say Please!". So Mom, do you still think he looks like Bill Murray?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Luke's 2nd Birthday

For Luke's second birthday we went to Boondocks and let the boys go mini bowling. They absolutely loved it, especially Luke! He would roll the ball so softly that it stopped a couple times and I had to go get it.
I didn't post any pictures of presents because he had his back to me the whole time, so none of them turned out. He loves his new toys though! He got some clothes, lots of legos, some new trucks, and tools that he has been carrying around the house to fix stuff. I made the cake and it turned out so cute!
The inside is the coolest part!
I got the idea for the cake from this pin. Happy Birthday Big Boy!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Luke!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Friday, November 11, 2011

Fall Houses

Here are my fall houses! The original pin from Whimsy & Co. is here, and here are mine!

If you want to see the older ones, here are July, August, September, and October.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Advent #3

Most recent set of six ornaments!
See the first set here, and the second set here. Six more to go!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Homemade Playdough

This week, we made playdough! I actually pinned this one before, but this recipe calls for Jello and I didn't have any, so I used this tutorial instead. It turned out perfectly.
The recipe is great. The dough actually has kept better than real playdough so far. And even though the boys don't really look excited in these pictures, they played with that dough for at least two hours straight!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween! This year William dressed up as Spiderman, which he had been planning for months. He even made me get him some gloves "so he could shoot webs."
I couldn't think of anything for Luke, so at the last minute we got him this costume, but we made it way better.
We rigged up a fake pair of legs to make it look like he was a boy riding a dinosaur, instead of just growing out of the dinosaur's back. You can see what I mean from this picture. Luke didn't love how bulky it was, but it was pretty hilarious to see him waddle around like a pregnant lady. And he did get lots of compliments trick or treating.
Luke was pretty fed up with it by the end of the night, but Spidey had a blast the whole time. I just realized I didn't get any pictures with the mask on, but he's cuter without it anyway.

Portrait of a Mom

This is a picture of me, by William.
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