Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Family Update

B ecause I haven't posted for a long time, here's a recap of the past few weeks. Mom visiting for about a month and we were busy with quilts and other craft projects that I will have to post soon. Luke is crawling all over the place, up stairs mostly, and he is getting in to all kinds of food, like this grilled ham and cheese sandwich...

...or this popsicle.

William got into the action too with ice cream.

Will's favorite thing to do since Eric got back from Disneyland with these new toys is line them all up and say their names, then move them and do it again. We call them "the guys" and they travel all around the house in his backpack.

And also, I've been playing around with photoshop that Mom got me for my birthday (thanks mom!) and I had to use early for Shana's pictures. And Mom, I was going to wait until my birthday to open it, but Shana made me. Just kidding, I would have used it anyway but not told you. Can you tell which of these have been fixed?

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