Monday, August 9, 2010

Family Reunion

Every year, we go to the Coles Family Reunion in Idaho and camp there for a few days. This year was fun, but a little different for Eric and I because usually, we have time to socialize, play games, I read and sew, Eric like to fish and shoot clay pigeons. This year with two kids, we didn't have time for any of that, and even went to bed early every night. Except that I did stay up one night because I had to have a s'more. Or three.

But it is still fun to see all the cousins and relax for a few days. The farm was really pretty this year; everything was so green.

Will kept telling everyone this was our house.

If you look closely, you can see a teeny little William here.

There was a bald eagle on the mountain we were trying to show him, I guess this is Will's concentrating face.

This one is fuzzy, but it's too cute to resist. #17 and little #66.

Riding the train

That's Table Rock in the background

Ethan shooting off his bottle rocket. It sprayed water all over Wills and then he didn't want to take his turn.

Waiting for our turn with the rockets.

Swinging with mom...

...and dad.

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  1. Looks like good times! How was the sleeping in the tent part?


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