Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Disneyland! Again!

We rode the carousel a bunch of times. I like the one in Califonria Adventure better- the colors are so pretty!

Meeting Cruella DeVil...

Snow White...

and Mulan.

Caught in the skull cage

Playing on Tom Sawyer's Island

This was our double stroller. They boys sat in there together and Wills held Luke.

In Chip and Dale's treehouse.

Wills is so strong!

Wills rode his very first roller coaster and he loved it! He was just barely tall enough.

We tried to meet Tiana a couple times and they had always closed the line right when we got there. When I was talking to the dancers, they told me when to come back so that we would be first in line. Then we got to watch the show with the songs from the Princess and the Frog. Wills got some Mardi Gras beads that he loves and he thought Tiana was so pretty!

This last minute trip to Disneyland was to watch the fireworks shows that are only during the summer. We even had a really good view of every one! We saw Fantasmic over the Rivers of America, the summer fireworks show over the castle, and the new World of Color at Paradise Pier. They were all really cool. I had to fly with the boys by myself to get there because Eric was already in Long Beach for work. It was scary to not have any help but they were both really good on the flight so it was ok.


  1. Glad the flight went well. All these pictures of Disneyland make me want to really, really go. I haven't been in 5 years.

  2. I love Will's expressions! With Cruella he looks like he's thinking, "Lady, you crazy." and with Snow White, "Hm, that's my favorite blue." Also, Lukie is soooo cute in these pictures! An absolute ladykiller, no doubt about it :D


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