Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Backyard in Progress

This has been a long time coming. We have been wanting to remove some of the grass in our backyard for a while. Nothing against grass, there is just TOO MUCH OF IT. We killed the grass in a circle in the corner for a fire pit, and cut out all the grass around that to plant flowers and trees and filled that all in with mulch. To cut out all the grass, we had to rent a sod cutter from Home Depot. There was no way we were going to dig that out. This is the best before picture I got because Eric started before I got the camera. You can see a couple strips cut out already.

More and more cutting...

... this part took a while because we had to go around all the trees and bushes we already planted. Note to self: next time, cut the grass out first, then plant the trees.

Finally making lots of progress: this is the pile of sod we cut out and posted on KSL for anyone who wanted it to come and get it. It took the guys two very full trips to get it all.

This is the next morning, by the way. We did not do this all in one night.

The mulch we got came from the dump. It is good looking and super cheap. All of the stuff we got, which was enough for all this and then some, cost $50. Here are the boys "helping" to shovel it out of the trailer.

Eric was shoveling it out while I was putting down the weed barrier.

We got a bunch of pretty plants to put in the border. The look we are going for is very lush and colorful. We'll see how it turns out. These flowers are Flamenco Red Hot Poker, Salvia, Hibiscus, Potenilla, and Geranium.

And finally, the after pictures!

We also cut out a border around our deck to make a nice clean edge.

Doesn't look perfect yet, but the plan is for things to grow and fill out, plus we'll plant more flowers and bushes. Hopefully in a couple years it will look great!

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  1. It already looks great! I am excited about the salvia. You need to plant some lavender, too! I think big lavender bushes are beautiful.


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