Friday, July 8, 2011


The boys wanted to go to a rodeo on July 4th this year so we all got dressed up in our cowboy hats (just kidding, I don't have one), and headed to West Jordan.

They have a carnival going on during the day and we let the boys take a ride on the ponies since they wanted to be real cowboys. Luke didn't love it at first, but Eric walked around with him, and when the ride was over he didn't want to leave. He talked about those horses all night.

We had to stand there and watch the horses for a while too.

The rodeo was fun. We had great seats, right on the first row. They were doing all bull riding that night so it was a little monotonous, but the boys loved it. Eric too.

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  1. AWESOME pictures! Those three in their cowboy outfits are so adorable! I especially love the one of them looking through all the bars, and the last one, too.


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