Friday, August 19, 2011

My Own Personal Pinterest Challenge

I love Pinterest. I recommend it to everyone. I spend way too much time looking at things on there, and not enough time actually doing the stuff I pin. So when I saw Young House Love's Pinterest Challenge, I thought I needed to get in on that too.

Only they are doing one pin per month. I think I can step it up and do one pin per week. Whether that's something I made, a new recipe, a hairstyle, a game to try with the boys, anything! That's my goal anyway. I am going to start posting my done pins on Fridays of every week, so here goes the first one!

I've seen many versions of this on Pinterest, but here's the one I pinned here.

Here is how it turned out on me. I used Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in Strobe Light. I love it!

I actually added another coat of sparkles later, but I forgot to take another picture. Eric made fun of it and when I said it was cool, he said yeah for a 13 year old! But I still love it.

Update: Another blog that I love, eighteen25, is doing something called This Just Pinned. Cute idea! Here is the newest post.

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