Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The UP House

We went to the Parade of Homes in Salt Lake this year. Actually, about a month ago. (Sorry, I'm behind.) The reason we went was all for this: The UP house. The other houses were cool, but this one was AWESOME. I heard that the builders actually got permission and plans from Disney to make a copy of the house from the movie.

They had a Carl sitting on the front porch with his cane.

There was even custom built furniture to match the movie.

This was in the nursery. Look mom, you have that exact lamp!

The master bedroom. I forgot to take a picture of the master bathroom, but it was beautiful. It had an old fashioned claw foot tub.

The kitchen it not shown in the movie, but they did a good job making it look retro.

They had this room in the basement: it looked just like Andy's room from Toy Story.

Here is the backyard with a cool arbor.

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  1. Cool you guys did this! I am glad you included pictures of lots of the rooms because the news stories DID NOT and it drove me crazy.


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