Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Luke's 2nd Birthday

For Luke's second birthday we went to Boondocks and let the boys go mini bowling. They absolutely loved it, especially Luke! He would roll the ball so softly that it stopped a couple times and I had to go get it.
I didn't post any pictures of presents because he had his back to me the whole time, so none of them turned out. He loves his new toys though! He got some clothes, lots of legos, some new trucks, and tools that he has been carrying around the house to fix stuff. I made the cake and it turned out so cute!
The inside is the coolest part!
I got the idea for the cake from this pin. Happy Birthday Big Boy!

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  1. Sweet cake! I might be making one like that in a few months - Soren's obsessed with construction vehicles these days...


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