Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Superhero Party

For Will's and Logan's fourth birthday party, we trained them to be superheros. First, we got them suited up in their capes, eye masks, and wrist bands.

Then they had to show off their muscles and super strength by holding buildings over their heads.

They also practiced flying over those buildings.

Next they fought some bad guys with killer punches and kicks. All the bad guys popped.

Then, a brother bad buy dropped a bunch of bombs and they had to diffuse the bombs with super strength and speed.

Some bad guys showed up on top of the buildings again, and our heros sprayed them with their ray-guns.

The best part of super hero training was practicing shooting webs, like Spiderman.

Wills practiced on Grandma too, but Grandma fights back.

For all their hard work, they were rewarded with lots of presents. Lots of superhero and imaginext stuff.

All the guests were wowed by the boys new powers.

We also had our treat of a Spiderman and a Batman cake.

Happy Birthday, big boy!

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