Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Since we live near the Hill Air Force Base, we thought it would be fun to see the air show they do every couple of years. We tried walking there on Saturday, but it was kinda drizzly on the walk there, and pretty much as soon as we sat down it started to pour. The hanger we found for shelter was really crowded and we just weren't having any fun, so we walked home in the rain, and we were soaked to the bone by the time we got home.

We tried again on Sunday and planned our walk better, so that we actually saw some of the show instead of being rained on again.

These pictures are what I took from my garden of the planes practicing on Friday. I didn't dare take the camera out in the rain while we were on base.

Luke figured out how to spray everything by putting his hand over the hose. Great.

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