Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Blessing

We had William's baby blessing today in church. It was so perfect! My parents and sister were here from North Carolina and my mom's family that lives in Utah were abe to come too. Of course Eric's whole family was there also. They are always so supportive in coming to things like this. We probably doubled the size of the ward with all of us. Afterwards, we had everybody over at our house for a lunch and our house was PACKED! It was nice to have everybody there to see the finished house before we sell it.

Us with Eric's Parents

With Danny, Kylee, Ethan, and Logan. Logan was blessed earlier the same day.

The cake Julie bought

William in his snazzy new Ralph Lauren Baby suit


  1. That is great that all your family was able to make it. Things like that really make a difference. I bet everyone was impressed with all the work you've done on the house! (speaking of which, when are you posting pics of your kitchen?)

  2. Hey Becca! I found your blog through a long line of other blogs looking for someone else.
    Congrats on your baby boy. Brianne told me all about him.
    Send me an email and I will invite you to view our blog.
    I hope all is going well.

  3. Oh, you may need my email address!


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