Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Other part of Third Day

After the Animal Kingdom closed, we went to Epcot because it is open later. I loved seeing all the different countries costumes, buildings, and food. We were there at the perfect time to see the different shows the countries put on. One of my favorite shows was the Japanese drummers.

We also stayed for the show at night because we saw a ton of people walking in right before the show started, and we figured if people come just for the show, then it might be worth it. This was the only nighttime show we saw, but it was really cool.

We decided that we needed to stay and extra day in Disney, so after this, we got a really cheap hotel so we could come back for part of the next day. We are going to go back to the Magic Kingsom to meet Ariel and for Pirates of the Caribbean since it was closed before, and also go back to our all time favorite ride in Hollywood Studios from Toy Story.

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