Sunday, November 30, 2008

Will can crawl!

William started crawling last night! And it was not yet the last day of the month, so that means he was officially seven months old when he learned how. I am posting a couple videos I got of him, but he really can crawl a lot better than the videos show. He was all over the place last night and today, he can already stay up on his knees most of the time.

These videos are not the greatest because I was using a different camera (on mine the memory is full) and also grandma kept picking him up every time he whimpered. Enjoy!


  1. Wow! That is big news!! I can't believe your baby can already crawl Becca and Eric! He is so advanced... :)

  2. I knew he was wonderful! It was fun to see all your new posts. The Disney pics were great.

  3. Go Will! I love that first video of him rolling and rolling and rolling....

    p.s. we will be in Salt Lake on the 30th for sure and probably part of the 31st (it's not set in stone yet) we'd love to see you!


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