Monday, December 8, 2008

The Photoshop Experiment

Eric says he can't tell the difference between my fixed pictures and the old versions, so I am posting them here so you guys can see whether you agree with me and think they are great, or if you agree with Eric and think it's a waste of time.


  1. I can tell a difference on all but the last one....but maybe it's just my untrained eye :) I love what you did with the first two, they look great!

  2. hi becca!! it's karyn from in bloom photography!!! i saw that you were on my blog today!! it actually gave your blog address so i was curious to see who it was, i actually had clients named eric and becca... so i was wondering if it was them?! i just wanted to say that if i can help with your photoshop experimenting or you have any questions.. i'd love to help! i had someone help me and it really made a huge difference in my understanding and know-how to take my photography to the next level! and thanks for the little credit on your blurb! :) i have a few really fun shots of your son too! i'm working on the wedding pictures (finally). i've been swamped!

    take care! -karyn

  3. I totally see a difference! Keep experimenting!


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