Saturday, April 17, 2010


We went to Disneyland tuesday through thursday with Danny and Kylee and Brianne. It was Luke's first time and William's second. I like to meet the characters and get pictures with them, but the only ones we met this time that I hadn't met before were Mary Poppins and Bert, and Chip and Dale.

Chip and Dale

On the Jungle Cruise

Brianne with Luke on the carousel, that William was too scared to ride.

The guy in the car in front of us apparently wanted to be in the picture too.

William's favorite ride, the flying Dumbos

Family picture on Donald's boat

Another highlight for William, the playground at Goofy's house

Toontown Library

Mary Poppins and Bert "framing the picture" for us

Watching the parade

Before the Captain Eo show that we actually didn't see because of technical problems.

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