Friday, April 30, 2010

These will be in the mail someday...

Someday I will mail Abby her birthday present. These were made before her birthday on March 3rd (right Amanda?) and these poor owls have been in my closet since. Amanda or Abby, if you are reading this, I'm sorry. I'll mail them when you send me the picture you promised me before christmas.


  1. Those are super cute! You have a wide spectrum of talents - sewing, woodworking, scrapping, etc. I'm jealous!

  2. Haha I know you'll think I'm lying, but BEFORE I read this, I emailed a bunch of pictures to the whole family, including the awesome Abby in the snow picture I promised. These owls are super cute! Will you send a birth announcement for Luke too if you have any left over? I saw one at mom's house and got jealous :)

  3. that's a bribe :)


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