Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just in case anyone is interested...

I made the halloween costume using MADE tutorials. Dana is great at explaining in an easy-to-follow-way how to sew clothes.

The red fabric is a knit that is super stretchy and kind of has a sheen, it was some kind of cotton/lycra mix I think. It is supposed to look like spandex but a little thicker so they wouldn't freeze. The black fabric is an old cotton t-shirt. Here is the shirt tutorial (which I made to fit tight so it would look like spandex), here is the undies tutorial, and the pants I made with a mix between the top of these pants, and the arms of the 90 minute shirt.

The incredible symbol is felt sewn on the the shirt, and Dana has some good tips for that here. The belt is a strip of felt with lines of straight stitching so it wouldn't stretch like crazy, and it was safety pinned in the back (I couldn't find my velcro).

So there you go, two incredibles costumes that are not perfect, but it was my first attempt at sewing clothes from knits, and I think they turned out well. I got better with Luke's because I did his second. If you want to see pictures of both, they are here and here.

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  1. I can't believe you SEWED those! I am seriously impressed. I thought they were store bought when I saw them a few posts back.


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