Monday, February 28, 2011

Will's Snowman

I had to do one more winter post since I have these pictures from about a month ago. And then hopefully we will be done with winter. I'm done with it anyway.

William has these snowman pieces that make the face so you don't have to have real coal. We built him in the backyard and Wills put on the face. He wanted the snowman to have ears (I think he was thinking of what goes on a Mr. Potato Head) so the mouth is not quite big enough. He wanted to hold his hand for the picture.

Luke did not like the snowman, or the snow, as soon as he fell once and got his little hands cold.

Here's our guy. William named him "William." He wants to make the next one bigger and name it "Mom."

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  1. I love seeing their different reactions to things. How thoughtful of William to think of making a "mom" snowman!


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