Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random Stuff

Here are a bunch of pictures taken over the past month or so that don't merit a post of their own. This first one was just cute because they were watching a movie together and Luke fell asleep and I love asleep pictures and golden-haired pictures.

William was making goofy faces while he was building a "castle" with his blocks. And I should have cleaned his face before I took this picture.

Wills likes to wear the hoods of his sweaters and wrap himself in his blankets, sometimes together.

Here he is making a square out of the cups that I keep in a drawer that is much too accessible to little boys.

Luke makes goofy faces all the time and this is his little smile. I think it looks like a heart when he purses his lips this way. More crap on the face.

I should clean their faces more often I think.

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  1. They're boys - of course they have dirty faces! I LOVE the first picture.


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