Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Last Disneyland (for a while)

Our Disneyland Annual Passes just expired, so we had to make one last trip before they did. I know this post has tons of pictures, but I couldn't resist since we won't be going back for a while. We flew out early on Wednesday, and back Thursday afternoon. We only had one day in the park so we had to do a lot to make it worth it.

Riding the monorail into the park

Waiting to fly on Dumbo

This is always one of the favorite rides.

The boys also loved playing with the goats in Frontierland.

Peter Pan came right up to us and started talking to Wills, who was too shy to talk back. Peter Pan is his favorite movie but he's such a dork when he meets characters in the park.

We played in Toontown for a while. Wills loved the musical fountain.

And here he is with Eric in the last car of Gadget's Go-coaster. You can just barely see his ears.

In Donald's boat with me

Out of all the regular characters out in the plaza, Wills wanted to meet Pluto but of course wouldn't actually talk to him.

Lutie was making goofy faces while we waited for the boys to come back from the bathroom. Luke was asleep for a lot of this, we didn't forget him.

We played forever in the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. We had never been in here before and it was pretty fun.

The one new character I met this time was Kenai from Brother Bear.

The boys took a nap together in the stroller. Since we can't afford a Phil and Ted they were in the regular stroller...

...and they woke up like this.

Wills loved Autopia, another first for him.

Goodbye Disneyland, we will miss you!

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