Saturday, April 2, 2011

Will's Birthday

William's birthday was this last thursday. He turned three years old. I had to work that night so we just did a little present opening party with the four of us. We opened presents that were mailed to him from family also. Elise gave him three dollars for his three years.

We gave him a Toy Story bean bag game, a golf set (which broke right away so we owe him a new one), and lots of books.

My mom gave him some books which he loves (Monster at the End of the Book, Cat in the Hat, and Peter Rabbit), and two new movies (a Veggie Tales movie and Robots).

Shana gave him the present that he loves the most, a Thomas the Train tent. Wills and Luke both love hanging out in there.

Thanks everyone for the presents!


  1. Ethan saw the Thomas tent and freaked out!! He is begging to come visit!


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