Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby Girl Nursey Art

These new collages I made would be so cute in a baby girl's nursery!

And I made some of these birdhouses for myself for my spring decor, and then decided thy would make great accents to the birdie collages. So I made some more!

Look out for my next collages, which are ocean themed!


  1. OCEAN THEMED!!!!?!?! I actually have been meaning to email or call and ask you if I can pay you to make a third collage for Soren's room, either in a bigger size or the same size as the ones you made for his first birthday. I LOVE them - so does Soren - and I get compliments on them from everyone who comes into his room. :)

  2. These are seriously adorable!! Love the birdhouses too, so cute! Great job!


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