Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter With the Family

For our egg hunt on Easter morning, we just used the same eggs we got the day before at the church Easter egg hunt. Our boys don't need that much candy, so that was our plan to keep the sugar levels down. The Easter bunny hid his eggs all over the family room.

Luke was done searching as soon as he figured out how to open the eggs.

Then after that, we got dressed up in our new Easter clothes and went to church.

At Grandma Coles' house, we had another egg hunt with all the cousins and the eggs we had dyed the night before. We have a couple of egg hunting pros now!

One last picture with all the cousins on the Coles side.

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  1. That is a lot of boys! They are all cute in their little blue shirts. Your boys are growing up, Becca! I bet Soren would have so much fun with them these days. Next time Eric has a trip in Vegas, let us know - maybe you can stop in St. George or maybe we can meet you guys in Vegas.


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