Sunday, December 18, 2011

William Sayings

This is gonna be a long post! Some of these things are from a long time ago and I can't remember the context but they are still funny.

"My legs hurt. Your legs don't hurt. You're fine."

Talking to me, "You are my first girl in the world, and Luke is our first baby."

He usually wakes me up in the morning by putting my glasses on my face, or getting right up in my face and yelling, "Mom, wake up!". The other day, I guess I wasn't being fast enough, so he told me he had a surprise for me downstairs and wanted me to hold his hand and come downstairs.

One time when Eric was going out of town, he told Wills, "Take care of mom," and William said, "But she's too heavy."

Sometimes he calls Luke, "Louie-poo," and sometimes it comes out as two different names. Like when he calls for Luke, he says, "Louie! Poo!"

He likes to give presents, wrapped in a blanket. The presents are usually a Woody Toy, and they are not really for you.

We watch shows on Netflix, and recently we had this conversation:
Me: "What's my show?"
Will: "Earl."
Me: "Yep, My Name Is Earl."
Will: "No, your name is Becca Coles."

Eric works with a guy named Earl, and Will did NOT want to accept that his name is Earl.

If you ask Will what Eric's show is, he will tell you either that it's "the killing show," or "Jack Power." It's 24.

Wills told me, "Your hair is lovely," and sometimes (mostly right after we got Tangled), he would stand at the bottom of our stairs and call to me, "Punzel, let yours hair down!"

Instead of the word "behind," he says "hind by". Instead of the word "together," he says "forgether". I haven't corrected him on these things because I think they're so funny.

He uses the word "our" instead of "we", but it sound more like "are". So it sounds like he says, "Are going to the store".

One when I was looking at blogs, he said about one of the pictures, "That's the beautifulest house ever I saw."

Once when he went with me to the mailbox, he said, "What's in the mail? A hundred dollars probly?" and sometimes he tells me he has a hundred dollars in his pocket. I think it's the only dollar amount he knows.

He is getting really good a riding his scooter and his bike. When Eric is out of town, he always tells me he wants to "go ride the scooter and go get dad from the airport".

Will is very artistic. He loves to color, draw, cut paper, paint play with playdough, anything to create. His pictures are actually looking like real pictures now. Recently he has drawn boys wearing mickey hats, a tree, a giraffe, Spiderman, and my favorite, a wii remote.

He also loves to sing and make up songs. His most recent song he made up goes, "Up and down and up and down, just like a W!" ( I know that's upside down. I am trying to get him to rewrite the song.)

He loves to play computer games. He knows how to open the paint program all by himself and he used to paint all the time. Recently he figured out how to open Angry Birds and Netflix all by himself, and that is no good. He wants to be on the computer ALL THE TIME.

When we watch his shows, (anything with a superhero), he always asks me, "what's this one gonna be?" because he thinks I have seen them all and wants to know what's coming.

Once when he was in the bathroom and I was out in the hall, he told me, "Mommy? I'm trying to go potty. You are too loud. You have to be quiet." Pause- "That's better."

This last one, I had no idea what he was talking about. He went on and on about this: "I had playdough soup at grandmas house. It has cookies. Cookies and frosting. I love playdough cookie soup that grandma makes. The playdough was just water." That last part was said like he was just explaining that he was pretending.

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  1. I'm laughing so hard! He is hilarious! Keep on collecting these. I want to read another one soon. :)


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