Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Luke Sayings

Here are Luke's sayings from the past long time! Some of these older ones he doesn't do as much any more.

Luke will sit on your lap every time you are on the ground with a lap free. He is very lovey when he wants to be. With Luke, he has to be in the mood for everything.

He always falls asleep sideways on his pillow.

He loves books. Every night when I peek at them in bed after work, Luke is holding a couple books asleep.

Luke gets easily frustrated when things don't go his way. One time he was trying to put a box on his head, and it was slightly too small. He was so mad and was trying so hard. Finally he broke the seam on one side and it fit on his head, and he was happy. He wore that box the rest of the night. Which I just realized, I already blogged about here.

He loves to play in anything that makes a giant mess: sandbox, dirt, ashes from the fire pit, big bag of flour in the pantry... He thinks the flour is snow.

He is always sneaking, thinking of what he can do next that would be bad. He get this really mischievous look too, so you know it's coming.

Luke calls Eric "Home". Eric's theory is that whenever Eric came home from work, he would say, "Dad is home!" and that is like saying "Dad is Batman!". Luke knows who Dad is, he just thinks his name is Home.

He is a really good talker for how young he is. And he is pretty small for his age, so he looks like a tiny smarty-pants. Some of the really funny things he says all the time are "whatcha doin", "open mine", me (at the end of everything, like "see it me", "stinky me"), and "what you think you are doing?"

He can't pronounce the "th" sound, and so words like "teeth" and "bath" sound like "teeps" and "baps". And "kiss" sounds like "kips", but I'm not sure why on that one.

One time, he was mad at me for something (don't remember what), and he went and told Eric, "Mom did this to me."

He repeats everything you say, so sometimes it's hard to tell if he even knows what he is talking about.

He talks in complete sentences, like if you ask him, "What's your name?" he will say, "Name, Luke".

He is OBSESSED with candy! I think he whole life revolves around how he can get more candy. His favorite is "emmsemms". He's pretty sneaky about it too.

He can be bossy. If he doesn't like what you are wearing, he will tell you, "Take that off!", or he will tell you "Stop that!" of you are doing something he doesn't like. He always says it with a goofy smile, so it doesn't sound mean.

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