Friday, February 24, 2012

Pudding Letters

This week we did a simple activity that I thought looked like a fun idea. Wills has been really into letters recently, and he is great at recognizing them, but he doesn't really get any practive writing. This idea (pinned here) was actaully for paint in a bag, but I thought pudding would be more fun, plus we'd get to eat it.

Pick a letter...

...draw one side...

...and the other...done!

It turns out that Wills liked it for a while, as in we got through the alphabet once. But this is not an extended activity by any means. I found another think to help him learn to write that I am working on, and I'll tell you what that is later.

By the way, the letter cards are these, a Christmas present and one of the things he plays with the most. We love them.

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