Friday, March 2, 2012

Pajama Monsters

I found this pattern on Pinterest for pajama monsters from Sew Fearless. The have zippered mouths so you can put your pajamas in them in the morning, and then they give them back at night!

I'm glad I did them with the minkee fabric. I think that gives them a "real stuffed animal" look, plus they are so nice to hug.

I let the boys pick out their own colors. Obviously, William's favorite color is red and I think the only color Luke knows really well is orange. Which is funny to me because that was the first color Will learned too.

It was a pretty simple pattern, and easy to understand, but I did make some adjustments on the second one that made it better. First of all, you don't need a yard of the main fabric at all. A half yard should do fine, I have tons of leftover. Second, the feet are too big and the legs too poofy. On my second one, I cut the soles a little more foot-shaped, and I cut much less fabric for the legs. By the way, so you can tell in the pictures, the orange one was first and the red one is a little improved.

Overall, they turned out great and the boys love them! Maybe these will help them keep their room clean... but I doubt it.


  1. i love these! someday you may have to help me learn how to sew. or at least turn on a sewing machine.


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