Monday, December 27, 2010


Here we are waiting at the top of the stairs to go down. We had to wake up the boys really early to open presents at our house before we went down to Grandma's house to talk to John on the phone. Can you tell they are not really awake yet?

This is one of the first presents we opened, a Cars (from the movie) set of cars.

Here is the biggest present we gave the boys- a new playroom! We finished our basement before Christmas so we would have somewhere to put all these toys. The boys love it (especially all the room for trains and cars) and we love that their toys are not all over the house.

This is Luke's favorite present. It is a tube you crawl through form Ikea. He just crawls through it over and over and it never gets old to him.

This is the other one of Luke's favorite toys. It is a turtle that you can ride on and it sings to you.


  1. Wow, that room looks amazing! I wish Ethan and I had your guys' room finishing and decorating skills. And seeing your two boys together really makes me look forward to a year and a half from now when our boys will be the same ages.

  2. Dude, I am so jealous of your life! They just keep getting cuter! How is this possible?! I love the video of Will going "mine!" and their little matching outfits. A-dorable. And Luke's cute, little diaper bum...priceless :) Congrats on the progress in the basement!

  3. Oh yeah, tell Eric I said his head looks ridiculous :)


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