Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We met George Bush!!!

President George W. Bush came to Costco November 19th to sign his book. I heard about it on the news the night before and decided we had to go. We woke up about five in the morning, packed up the kids, and drove to Sandy to wait in line. Eric actually forgot his Costco card, so he drove back to our house with the boys while I waited. They were giving out wristbands at 8:00, and Eric got back just in time. Then we waited around for another four hours before we got through Secret Service security. William actually threw up while we were waiting to go through security, I think he just had too much greasy food in his system.

When Bush actually got there, he was signing really fast and the line was moving quickly.

I was kind of embarrassed about the way we all looked, William had just thrown up, both the boys were so tired and hungry and grumpy and they both fell asleep before we actually got in there, and my hair was so windblown that I couldn't get it to look nice at all.

He was really nice. He asked us how old our kids were, and said "that's what it's all about." You could tell he is a family guy. He joked about them looking for their beds, which we all were from being up so early. He shook our hands and thanked us for being there. It was so cool!

These pictures are all from the news because they wouldn't let us take cameras in. These pictures of the boys below are with my camera phone to prove we actually were there.

And here's Eric with his signed book after we got home.


  1. It's pretty lame they didn't let cameras in. I mean, he was a president of the United States - he should be used to having his picture by now. Haha. I am glad you guys went. What a cool experience.

  2. LUKE IS SO FRIGGIN' CUTE!!! I'm jealous that you got to meet the former leader of the free world :)


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