Friday, February 21, 2014

Disneyland Picture Overload!!!

We decided to take a quick trip to Disneyland before Eric starts his new job and doesn't have any more time off. So we tacked on a few days to our already planned trip to Vegas, and flew to California.

Before we even went into the park, the boys were SOOO excited to be there.

We spent the first half day in downtown Disney. Then on our first real day, we went to the Disneyland Park.

It was not crowded at all, and we loved not being packed in or rushed.

We met Merida, who the boys call "Brave," and she showed them how to shoot a bow. They will still tell you all the right steps if you ask them.

In Tomorrowland, Will and Luke both virtually got to be Ironman...

...and we met Thor.

Here is a super awful picture of me and the boys in front of the castle. I really need a haircut.

Luke and Dylan were little best buds in the park, and held hands in a lot of the lines.

We sent the boys with their Aunt and Uncle on the teacups ride, because neither Eric or I like to be dizzy. Thanks guys!

And we sat and watched the show in the Golden Horseshoe, with a giant ice cream sunday, which I have always wanted from there.

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