Friday, February 21, 2014

Vegas, baby!

When we first got to Vegas, we found a limo driver who didn't have anyone to drive, and got the fanciest ried I've ever had from the airport to the hotel. I let the boys have my camera to take pictures.

Here is the wedding party, with all my cousins:

This is what my boys did pretty much the whole time we were there after the wedding:

And those are all the pictures I took in Vegas! We did walk up the strip to see the M&M store, the Bellagio fountains, Venetian gondolas, and Mirage volcano, but I only got some pics of that with my phone. There are a couple more pics in my instagram feed here.

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  1. Pretty ritzy! I am glad to catch up on things on your blog! We miss you and wish we could hang out again sometime soon. :)


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