Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Family Reunion 2011

I just realized when looking in some old draft posts that I never posted these pictures from the family reunion in August. So without further ado, here ya go.

The boys favorite thing to do is go down to the river and throw rocks in the water.

You should not hold peanut butter crackers under you arm while walking in hot Idaho, or you will end up with an unwanted cracker wrapper mark on your arm.

This is Wills. Kinda reminds me of this lovely self portrait, but with a shirt on.

Some things I want to remember about our trip this year:

Instead of bringing a tent, we decided to stay in Eric's parent's trailer. When we got out a black sleeping bag for Wills, he said, "Don't put me in the trash!"

He would talk about the sun being up or down to decide if we needed to be awake or asleep. Every morning, the second he woke up he would announce, "The sun's up!"

On the drive home, he noticed a lot of mountains with letters on them, and he told us there needed to be letters on this mountain that say camping and that mountain that say home.

Wills had his own little bed and Luke slept in the big bed with us. In the middle of the night, I vaguely remember him rolling all around and pushing against the side of the tent trailer. Then all of a sudden, he started crying really loudly, and Eric calmed him down and we all went back to sleep. In the morning, I found out that the edge of the tent trailer is not actually attached to the bed, just held in place by elastic, and with Luke pushing against the side, he actually fell OUT of the trailer onto the ground. Eric just reached his arm through the hole and dragged Luke back up through the hole into the bed again.

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