Monday, March 5, 2012

What We're Watching

This might be boring for you, but I'm going to write about it anyway. We haven't paid for cable for at least five years now, so all of these shows are from Netflix on the Wii.

White Collar is an awesome show. Eric's favorite kind of show is crime/mystery, and this one is suspenseful and funny at the same time. Plus our neighbor told me he thought Eric looks just like the main guy (in this picture), so Eric says goofy things about how good looking he is when we watch it. Dork.

Lost started out really great in the first couple seasons, and it is getting pretty weird. We actually haven't finished this one yet because Eric has been going out of town too much for work and I've been waiting for him so we can watch it together. I'll let you know how it ends, unless everyone else saw it six years ago.

Better Off Ted is another one recommended to me by the neighbor and we must have pretty similar taste in TV. This one is hilarious. I loved it; I thought it was similar to my all time fave, Arrested Development. Too bad there were only two short seasons.

And last, something I should have started watching a while ago, Downton Abbey. I love it! I usually go for the witty comedies, but I love a good romantic drama too. Especially if they are English and they wear pretty clothes. And you gotta love that it's on PBS so when I get caught up, I could watch it on the regular schedule! (If I can bring myself to actually watch commercials.)

I'll do some kids shows on another post so this doesn't get super long.

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