Thursday, March 15, 2012

What Boys Are Watching

(This is Part Two. Part One is here.)

Let's start with the good shows.

Jackie Chan Adventures is a show that I used to watch when I was too old to watch cartoons. The characters are funny, the plot has a good arc through the season, and your kids will learn to say things like, "Ai-yaaa!" which I think is Chinese.

Spectacular Spiderman is the best spiderman show there is. I have watched them all, and the rest are terrible. This show is no longer on Netflix, but you can buy the first season on DVD, and the second season was never released. I found a copy online from Ireland that I bought to give it to Wills on his birthday, but first I have to transfer it to DVD format that will play in the US. It's worth it for this show.

Fraggle Rock is another show that we both used to watch when we were little. It's not the best, but there are some cute toons and at least it's not potty humor like a lot of shows now are.

And now, here are two shows that I recommend you never let you kids watch, because then they will never know they exist, and they won't ever ask you to watch. The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, and The Karate Kid. Both are from the 80s, and they are so terrible there are no words. If you don't believe me, you can check them out on Youtube.

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